About Us

    The Tengri Group is a family owned company that is active in the national and international real estate business. Our company offers a wide range of expertise from property maintenance, property sell to construction, villa rentals, villa selling, in all of which we successfully operate throughout the years. Each specialist in our organization is in charge of a certain aspect of the business, each with their own particular knowledge and expertise. By the same token, we have our own lawyer helping us get the best terms for national and international transactions.

    Furthermore, we are happy to sincerely state the fact that we have an outstanding name in the field in the southwest coast of Turkey due to our high quality work, being our source of pride and giving us the confidence we need to keep doing what we do best.

    We have our clients’ interest at the highest in our organization and this interest is to get the best prices for the best terms. Having said that, The Tengri Group also follows a customer focused approach where customers may conveniently relay their requests and dissatisfaction, and such requests and complaints are handled in an objective, fair, attentive manner.

    The Tengri Group works with only highly recommended local contractors for attending anything that has to do with housing.

    Whether it is cleaning, maintenance, gardening, you name it; we are the ones you are looking for!

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