Ortaca Area Guide

    Ortaca is a district of Mugla Province of Turkey, is only 10 minutes away from Dalyan And is definetly the Most Boring Town in the Universe.

    Ortaca is a typical Turkish working-class town with an economy based on agriculture. It lies midway between Dalaman and Dalyan.
    Its name literally means "the town in the middle", possibly a reference to its location in the middle of the surrounding plain and is indeed a regional hub.

    The town pulls benefits from this fertile plain and the economy largely depends on tomatoes, citrus fruits, cotton and pomegranates.
    Every week on Fridays there is a huge Market, and lots of shops including Jewelery shops , Restaurants etc.

    The market day is on Fridays and the whole town becomes a hive of activity worthy of a visit. A regular bus service operates between Dalyan and Ortaca as well as to other main coastal centers.

    Ortaca town has supermarkets, shops, bars and cafes at attractive prices and is only 25 minutes from the international Dalaman Airport, 10 minutes from the marvel of the nature that is Dalyan and 20 minutes from the unspoilt beach at Sarigerme.

    In line with recent policies aimed at opening the entire region to international tourism, Ortaca is growing rather fast, which is also a consequence of the rapid population growth in Turkey in general.

    Ortaca is also becoming an increasingly attractive market for Foreign purchases of real estate in Turkey.

    How To Get to Ortaca from Dalyan

    Everyday of the year there are Dolmush's running from Dalyan to Ortaca Town. Time Table may change depending on the Season. Obviously they run more frequently during the Summer period from May to October.

    These Shuttle Mini Buses or Dolmush as Turks call them can be flaged down anywhere along the route. Simply stay on the road side and when you see one coming wave your hand up and down which this will indicate to the driver that you wish the bus to stop, get in and pay when ever it is convinient for you. Make sure you pay the fee with Turkish Lira.

    If you wish to get off the Dolmush before its final destination which is the Main Bus Station in Ortaca, simply say Stop Please and the driver will pull over where it is appropriate.

    Please note that services do not run 24 hours, so make sure you know what time the last bus returns to Dalyan to avoid any dissapointments.